Melissa and Chloe form part of the CU Cheer team and together they have accumulated over 15 years of cheering.

How much do you practice and what do they look like?

M: We have 3 training sessions and 3 cheer practices and then in addition to that we’ll have Stampedes, or football, basketball, volleyball, or soccer games to go to.

C: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays we have cheer practice which starts with tumbling and 15 back tucks.

M: And then we do running tumbling and I do three fulls every day, and then based on what the coaches want we’ll start stunting, doing pyramids, or baskets.

Melissa has a background in gymnastics which she believes is what prepared her not only for the stunts, but also for the rough and rigorous training cheerleaders have to go through in order to get everything to be perfect. She would also like to remind us that cheer is a very dangerous sport where injuries are prevalent and can be very serious.

What is your favorite sport to cheer for?

C: Usually basketball gets pretty intense and there is a lot of energy so it is really fun.

M: But football this year has been especially fun since our team has been doing so well.

What about competing?

C: That’s what we like the best! And we are really good at it too which makes it even more fun.

M: Yeah, our last two years we’ve had a solid chance. We’ve gotten 6th place at Nationals both years. For that we practice on our Sunday practices and then after Finals are over we have practice two times a day on the 16, 17, and 18 of December and then we come back the 28th and we practice two times a day for two weeks. And then we’ll have Nationals just before coming back to classes.

Since they have both been doing this for so long, they enjoy showcasing the team’s talent through the competition side of cheer. Their practices for Nationals are extremely diligent since everyone’s movements have to be precise and in synch. And it has paid off! Their hard work has landed them in 6th place in the nation twice in a row and we couldn’t be prouder!