Colorado is often considered a very healthy state. It is ranked as the eighth healthiest state overall, and even higher based purely on physical activity recorded. This was further highlighted at the Rio Summer Olympics, where four University of Colorado Boulder alums competed in the events.

None did particularly great in their respective competitions, no one placed, but let’s remember, the Olympics is the pinnacle of human achievement. Only the top one percent of one percent of athletes even qualify.

Jeremy Dodson represented Samoa in the games. He competed in the 200-meter dash. Currently, he is the record holder in for the University’s fastest indoor and outdoor 200-meter dash at 20.88 seconds and 20.37 seconds, respectively.

Flora Duffy competed in the triathlon. Representing Bermuda, Duffy has a long track record of success in a variety of other competitions.

However, the most famous Colorado stars were Emma Coburn and Jenny Simpson. Coburn and Simpson ran the 3,000-meter steeplechase and the 1,500-meter run, respectively. Both of the runners were the ones mostly likely to place.

Coburn and Simpson both train under Mark Wetmore and Heather Burroughs, Colorado’s cross-country head and assistant head coaches. The two coaches boast very strong resumes, including other previous Olympic athletes.

The coaches offered valuable lessons to the runners, allowing them to grow as athletes. Not only did the Olympians prosper from that, they prospered from their surroundings.

Boulder offers one of the best places to train in the world. The countless mountain paths offer limitless possibilities of routes. Cross-training is also very easily accessible, with the town being one of the most bike friendly cities as well.

Hiking can be done in the nearby mountains, and swimming is also an easy exercise to start. The large fields and parks allow recreational sports, like football or Frisbee, to be played. Boulder offers a chance for anyone to get in shape, from Olympic athletes to every day citizens.