I met Devi back in the fall of 2013 when I volunteered as an English
tutor for members of the University’s staff. We started meeting once a week for
an hour to go over tenses, verbs, and colloquial sayings.

Soon we switched to poetry and small stories and we started talking
about ourselves. I told her that I was from Mexico and that it was my first year
in Boulder and she was from Nepal. I remember her telling me about the places
she had lived when she came to the US and her family back in Nepal. Three
years later I go back to ask her more about her life in Nepal and how it has
changed as she has been in the US.

Devi Sharma was born in Katmandu, Nepal on February 26th, 1973. She studied Nepali in college and then worked as a teacher. Devi lived with her parents and her four siblings until she married in 1992.

”Marriage there is not like in here, in Nepal your parents tell you
whom you will marry and then you meet them,” Devi said.

It was around one or two weeks later that she married the man that would become her husband. Their first daughter was born in 1993 and the second in 1995. They are both students at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Environmental and Civil Engineering.

The family moved to the US when Devi’s husband wanted to expand
his studies in Biology. They first went to the University of Nebraska. Afterwards
they moved to Denver, Colorado because of the job opportunities this offered.
Then her husband took a job in Virginia and they later moved back to Colorado.
From these states Devi likes Colorado the best especially since the Boulder
mountains remind her of the mountains back in Nepal. Here she works for CU
Boulder’s Dining Halls. Devi is usually at the Farrand Grab-and-Go, but she also
works in the C4C.

She has been here in Boulder for three years now, and does not
know if she is staying here or going back, but she says she has found a tight knit
Nepali community with whom she can share her traditions and customs, as well
as celebrate their traditional yearly festivals.