When the president of Mexico declared a war on drugs things started to change and slowly weaved themselves into people’s daily lives. In 2010 a group of men followed my mom’s car and stole it from her at gunpoint.That was the first time of three. As the security situation worsened, my parents thought it to be a good idea for us to move to the US, however that came with complications of its own. So after a couple of weeks I got an idea in my head: if my parents were scared that something was going to happen to my brother and me wouldn’t it be easier if I wasn’t there? Boarding school was my solution. My parents weren’t too thrilled about the idea since they wanted to stay together, but the stories kept getting more gruesome and they gave in. I was thrilled by the idea, it seemed so cool to me. A couple days after, I had picked a school and gotten an interview and a week later I was there.

I had been to Madeira that summer for a writing workshop and now I was back in Virginia. I remember it was a Sunday when my parents dropped me off and how suddenly it all felt very real and very scary. I guess I didn’t really realize that leaving my home meant leaving my family and my friends, as well as my culture behind. It took a great deal of adjustment on my part. My first semester there was definitely the toughest one since I had to make new friends and also get used to the new classes and teachers.

I will forever be grateful for this experience. Even though it all started because of my country’s insecurity I was able to open myself up to a new life. I was lucky to meet teachers who challenged me and cared about me enough to push me when they knew I could handle